Teach Today is a youth-based organisation on a mission to provide quality education to the young minds of India, indiscriminately and at affordable charges. We’re For-Profits for Non-Profits. Our aim is to revolutionize the field of education by equipping the youth of our country with state of the art educational facilities and innovative teaching methodology. Our team comprises a network of sprightly, inspired young students starting from senior secondary graduates to final year undergraduates, ready to help their deprived peers break free from the shackles of ignorance; to be their wings as they take a flight of education and to open the window of their mind to allow the sun to shine on the freshly pruned garden that is their educated mind.

Our education module includes building an interest-oriented approach to discover the potential of the younger society. Our progress so far has been steady as we have already provided our module to the Hope Kolkata Foundation and a Kolkata state government registered NGO. Our vision is to provide our module to more NGOs and to expand our network for more determined, resolved and raring-to-go young minds to join our endeavour; to pass on the cap of change. 


To be a part of our team, contact on +91 9167107579.

Email: info.teachtoday@gmail.com