Rendez-vous with the rising star Nikita Gandhi

By Deepshikha De


Most of us have heard the Raabta title song, and although all eyes were on Deepika, we couldn’t help admiring the beautiful voice that sang that song. For those of you all, who are patiently waiting for the movie Jagga Jasoos to release, if you have tubed the song ’Ullu ka pattha’, the female voice along with Arijit Singh belongs to Nikita Gandhi, a playback singer who is taking Bollywood by storm. She has sung in four other Indian languages, including Tamil and Telegu until she was discovered by Pritam, who gave her an opportunity to showcase her talents for Raabta. The Raabta title song was her first song in Bollywood, it became extremely popular and was number one on the charts. 


What people don’t know about her is, she is also a dentist and a very responsible citizen as she is associated with many social initiatives.  She is in her late twenties, and it is overwhelming to see her achieve so much at such a young age. This is what I discovered about her during a whatsapp interview, she gave this interview while she was dubbing for Jagga Jasoos. 

Q: From what age did you start singing?

Nikita: I started singing at the age of five.

Q: What instrument do you play, if any?

Nikita: I play the guitar. I also play the harmonium.

Q: Did you take music lessons?

Nikita: I learnt Hindustani Classical from a very young age.

Q: During school and college, did you take part in any musical events?

Nikita: Yep! I took part in all the festivals in Indian and western music, both in school and college.

Q: Who is your favourite singer/band, both in Indian and Western?

Nikita: I really never know how to answer this question. I have plenty of influences and favourites!

Q: What is your favourite song?

Nikita: ‘My way’ by Frank Sinatra. It’s not only my favourite song; it’s my motto for life.

Q: How does it feel to make it big in Bollywood?

Nikita: It is extremely overwhelming and exciting. It feels like I am living a dream that i did not know I had, but I am so glad I found it. 


Q: How did Raabta happen?

Nikita: I guess my work in Tamil films brought my voice to Bombay and to Pritam da!

Q: Who is your role icon?

Nikita: My dad. He’s patient, he’s focused, he is hardworking and he is passionate about work. Most importantly, I am living his dream in a lot of ways and I owe it to him and mom for being the strongest most supportive pillars.

Q: You are involved with some social initiatives? Can you tell us about them?

Nikita: I am the ambassador for the Grow and Save Trees initiative which was launched by Rotary Club of Mahanagar on the 1st of July, this year. 

Picture courtesy : Instagram @nikhitagandhiofficial

Q: How do you manage your career as a dentist, along with music?

Nikita: The first two years were very hectic because I was literally dodging to two lives and pulling all-nighters. Now, I’m used to it.

Q: What are your plans for the future?

Nikita: More music, more collaborations, more social initiatives.

Q: What message would you like to give to your fans and aspiring singers?

Nikita: Hard work and being true to your self is the only dogma, and stay grounded. 


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