By Aspriha Mandal


It is no surprise that CBSE has made it to the Nationl News head lines once again. After delaying the results by a week because 0of the moderation row ,it has some new and not-so pleasant suprises in store for its students-this year,CBSE will not allow any rechecking of answer sheets

Following petitions from the 18 students, the Orissa high court on June 7 had asked the CBSE to re-evaluate their answer sheets and inform them about their result by Saturday.

But the way CBSE went about executing the HC’s order left the students rattled. While the order was delivered on Wednesday, it was only on Friday evening when the students started getting phone calls from officials in CBSE’s Bhubaneswar office, who asked them to check their emails and inform the Board about 10 answers from each paper they wanted reevaluated. The deadline for this was 11.59 pm on Friday and some students got barely a couple of hours to finish the exercise. The emails sent to the students included photocopies of their answer sheets and a form in which they had to specify the answers they wanted to be re-examined.


Initially some students thought the calls were hoax, but their nightmare started once they opened their mails..

They were required to download the form, scan and then upload the same and send it to the CBSE office. With most cyber cafes shut, students could reach the CBSE office only on Saturday morning to physically submit their documents. The board authorities did accept the forms, but by then many parents were a nervous wreck by then.


After all it was a matter concerning the future of the students which is not something one should tamper with in a casual way.

It also created problems for those who were out of state at that point of time  and had to rush back immediately .

CBSE is certanly denying the rights of the student ,the board is certain to be percieved as more undemocratic by children .The high satkes nature of 12th standard marks makes all the more harsh for students.


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