Teach Today: Collaboration With Panacea

Teach Today,  has been formulated in keeping the current need to upgrade the education module to better fit it for the enhanced understanding of a child’s needs and interests18425282_1707558019543597_3029522638992246152_n

We are a group of young, sprightly and vigorous students with an excellent track record both in the field of education and other co-curricular activities, aiming to provide the same to the less priveleged children of the current generation.
Keeping the above mentioned needs and activities in mind, we have collaborated with ‘Panacea’ to help us succeed in our mission.

Here is a link to their Fcaebook page: https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=panacea

As Panacea introduces itself, it is formed by a group of friends to address the commonly asked question, “How do we help the not-so fortunate children of the society?” They provide a platform to the various helping hands that are willing to help make a change in the society.
We are proud to announce our collaboration with Panacea, who shall help us to realise this dream.
We have devised a need and interest based curriculum where Panacea will help us organise and co-ordinate workshops and drives in almost 30 homes on various topics like music, dance, art and craft and host various quizzes and seminars to provide an in-depth analysis to students on these very topics.
Our mission is not to invest money,which will eventually die out as a short term help, but to invest time, which requires a great deal of effort and commitment.
We are thankful to Panacea in sharing a common goal and hope that our collaboration goes a long way in making a difference.

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